Skeletal Meshes Can Be Seen Through Static Meshes

Hello everyone,

So I’ve got a very strange rendering bug that I just noticed. It seems that my skeletal mesh objects can be seen through my static meshes (like my walls). Here is a picture of what it looks like:

You can see that there is a strange transparency effect where the mesh is not quite fully visible and it almost seems like it was an intentional effect. However here’s the kicker, this is happening in a very new project and I’ve barely touched rendering settings at all. In fact it is a VR project and just about the only things I have tweaked are what was recommended by Epic [here][2] (things like Instanced Stereo Rendering, increasing the Screen Percentage, and turning off post processing effects). Other than that I have only made blueprint changes to my player character so far.

I have tried the most obvious things like restarting UE4, rebuilding lighting, and even removing almost everything from the scene except a single directional light. This is quite concerning because the problem appears even in the launched version of the game.

One strange part about this issue which might have to do with the cause is that it only seems to appear at a certain range. If you get to close enough then the effect will disappear.

Thanks for your time!