Skeletal mesh object not lit correctly under static or stationary lights

Hi there, my skeletal mesh character seems to be lit much darker than the environment under a static or stationary light if shadows are turned on.

For NDA reasons I can’t actually show the character model but it seems to happen to every skeletal mesh so I made a test character. We’ll call him steve for now.

As you can see steve is standing directly underneath a stationary light source, yet he is very dark.

Here he is under a movable light source and it looks just fine.

Both Steve and the character that shares this issue have proper physics assets.

The lighting seems to work properly at a certain distance but as soon as you move them close it breaks

Turning off shadows also seems to fix the issue
but of course that’s not a viable option.

I found a similar thread from 2014 with no answer

This is a last resort so I really hope someone can help me out, many thanks if ya can :).

Maybe this can help → How do you effectively build stationary lights so as to not cause problems with Skeletal Meshes? - Character & Animation - Unreal Engine Forums