Simulating/Faking Cloud Shadows

I’m running into an issue with translucent shadows. I’m doing two different cloud types, one is just an alpha texture applied to a translucent material dome over the world that rotates, the other is just a flat plane with a cloud sheet texture applied to another translucent material with a panner to simulate the clouds moving. I’m wanting the plane to cast shadows, but the plane has to be pretty high above the ground, and after a certain height, objects aren’t casting shadows to the ground/objects below. So what I was thinking of doing was having a second sheet much closer to the ground, without having the clouds showing but the shadows still being cast onto the landscape/objects on the landscape. This way the shadows on the ground would match the position of the clouds above, since they’d be panning in the same direction, and shape, from the same material. Is this something that can be done? Back when I used Cryengine, you could have an actor hidden in the world at runtime, but it would still cast shadows, unless you dictated that it doesn’t cast shadows at all, of course.

Alternatively, could I just have the sheet texture material applied as like a global decal on the landscape/objects? Upon trying the 2nd sheet closer to the ground, I see that it’s not casting any shadows at all, is this because it’s a translucent material with a panner? Like are dynamic/moveable translucent shadows possible?

Notice on the left, the material is a Light Function. then assign it to the directional light. Done. :slight_smile:

You are my hero :slight_smile: Thank you so much!