Simulate projection mapping with emissive material

I am creating a Techviz for a virtual production LED volume.
Initially I thought using projection mapping would work and came across this

However I need to use an emissive material to simulate light coming from the LED screens.
If I know in advance the exact measurements and curvature of the LED screen, is there any way to simulate projection mapping by adjusting the UVs (TextureCoordinate node)?
The attached disgram should make this clear.

Just spitballing, but can you use a light function to act as the projector?

ref - Light Functions | Unreal Engine Documentation

Do you want recreate one of those virtual sets, like they used for making the Mandalorian? If yes, then the easiest way to syncronize all your screens would probably be to give them a slightly modified Skybox-Material, and then give it an HDRI (or a video, that uses the same projection as those HDRI, whatever this method is called ^.^).
Slightly modified in that way, that you can adjust the height of your HDRI/video, because usually Skybox materials are built for spheres or cubes, that surround the whole area, whereas your curved screens are just a part of a sphere.

It can look like this:

And of course, if you want use a video in it, you have to convince someone, to give you a 360 degree video ^.^