Simulate Physics and Projectile Movement Component

I have a Grenade which uses a UCapsuleComponent and a Projectile Movement Component together. If I turn off the Simulate Physics and Enable Gravity off it traverses its expected path.

The only issue we have with the Grenade is it should rotate when we throw it or when it hits e.g. a wall or ground. But the rotation of it keeps resetting to its original rotation (when it hits a wall it rotates but immediately resets to its original rotation, compare the above pic with the following). If we enable Simulate Gravity it starts spinning and rotates when it hits a wall. If we enable Simulate Gravity before activating the Projectile Movement Component it immediately falls through the ground. But, if we first activate Projectile Movement Component first then enable Simulate Physics it partially works (and sometimes it falls through the ground). It traverses parts of its path and then falls and spins.

If I disable gravity on the Collision component and set the Gravity Scale to zero on the Projectile Movement Component it travels through a straight line through space and never falls off. How can I have a spinning grenade with a Projectile Movement Component?

Projectile movement component and simulate physics are incompatible. You have to pick one or the other. If you want to use physics then get rid of the projectile movement component and use other means of imparting the forces onto the grenade. For example, you can use “Add Impulse”.

Projectile movement is good for bullets. If you want a good grenade, you should use physics IMO.


Thank you so much for the clarification. I think I’ll go with the physics and remove the projectile as it makes more sense.