Simple waveless Buoyancy

All i want is this platform to ‘float’ on this completely flat water. I need the platform to ‘bob’ to the players weight if they step on it. I can not find a single tutorial on how to do buoyancy this simple. Since there is no waves would there be a way to code the platform and ocean plane to add simple buoyancy?

The step on code is:


The BP should start with tick disabled.

So I just have a collision box and plane:

It begins like this:

which gives the appearance of floating:


Could you explain why the Stepping blueprint is casting to Pawn instead of Third person character? Thanks for the help!

It will work with any pawn, otherwise you have to cast to a specific character type. It doesn’t really matter.

In this case, @ClockworkOcean is using the Cast node as a way of filtering what type of objects cause the bobbing animation. With “Pawn” it will bob with any pawn, with Third Person Characters, it will only work with ThirdPersonCharacters. It’s just a matter of what you need in your case.