Simple UI/UMG only game uses a lot of GPU and is slow on Intel GPU

I’m creating a simple UI/UMG only game, with some control elements, a background image with a material set as brush and an image with a material set as brush, on which you can draw onto with your mouse.

It uses up to 25% of my GTX 1060 and it’s incredible laggy on Intel GPU’s like Intel Iris 6100 or the Intel HD 4000, even if you are not drawing and just dragging the window around your screen. It runs fine on comparable AMD APU’s.

Any advice why it uses so much GPU and is so slow on Intel GPU’s?

Not an answer but a question - what’s the closest equivalent of HD 4000 in AMD’s world? Curious what you’re putting it up against.

I’ve compared the AMD Radeon R7 A10-7860k with the Intel Iris 6100 see Passmark. I don’t know any equivalent for the HD 4000, sorry.

those arnt actual dedicated GPUs they are integrated graphics. this means they dont meet min spec for the engine and they actually detract from the performance of the overall system. integrated graphics takes power from the cpu, adds heat to the cpu, and uses system memory, so of course it will be a bit laggy.

i just compared the scores of the two on the link to the minimum performance dedicated card i would recommend (750ti) and it was 4 times the score. now i dont work with integrated graphics much since it makes no sense with games but from what ive learned from studying and watching videos is that when it comes to integrated graphics amd is actually superior in most cases.

I know that these are integrated GPU‘s. I‘m not talking about lags, when I use the engine, but running the actual builded game. I think it should easily be possible to render a simple UI, even on Low End GPU‘s.

I can easily imagine HD 4000 choke on anything UE4 related but the Iris 6100 can pull 60fps on low settings in 768 in Rocket League (that’s UE3 though). A bit odd that the 7860k handles your project gracefully enough while the Iris does not.

Is this all under Windows?

The Iris 6100 was on MacOS, I’ve tested an Intel HD 4400 on Windows a minute ago and it doesn’t run as bad as on MacOS, seems to be a Mac related problem…

It might be. On top of that, what resolution are we talking about here? Retina displays go quite high, don’t they?

I’ve set it to 1080p, to get comparable results.

We’re not talking about drop frames, it’s sluggish, right?

Yep, thats right

I’ve managed to cut down the GPU usage to 1/5th of it, by disabling all unused Post Processing Effects.

First I’ve added the following lines to the DefaultEngine.ini:


As a second step I’ve added a Post Processing Volume to every map and disabled anything with amount or intensity, which got me an addtional decrease in GPU usage.