Simple Parallel Node not failing

I have a BT for a tower defense turret which checks if its current target is in range, if it doesn’t have a target it calls an EQS to find the closest enemy then i use a simple parallel node to rotate the turret to face the enemy for the main task and the background tree i call a C++ task to attack the enemy and then wait for attack interval. My issue is that when the enemy dies the simple parallel node doesn’t stop so it will go back to the main selector in order to find another enemy.

I have the tower attack task return failed if the current target is null which you can see is set to none in the blackboard and have the parallel node set to delayed

Is the task running on parallel (Rotate To Current Target) is being finished? not sure the name of the function in C++, in blueprint you have to specify Finish Execute else, it will stay stuck there.

The rotate node is a built in blueprint node. I have the parallel set to delay so the rotate node should always run until the background tree (attack and wait ) finish which should happen when the currentTarget is set to null failing the blackboard based condition (i’m also returning EBTNodeResult::Failed in the tower attack task if currentTarget is null) in the sequence. At least thats what i’m trying to do

So i ended up just adding in rotation logic to the turret tick and removed it from the BT