Simple Grass Wind Masking?

I’m wondering if there’s a way to, “mask,” what portions of a mesh are affected by SimpleGrassWind/how strong the effects are. I have a very basic tent set up, but the tent cloth is clipping through the legs/structure, but if I could set it up to only be affected strongly by the wind in the big square areas away from the legs/in the middle of the cloth on each side, it wouldn’t clip. Attached are some images of my mesh, the material, and an example of the clipping.

Thanks in advance for any advice/help.

Vertex Color, There should be a way to mask the vertices you don’t want to move with vertex color.

Exactly. Just hook your vertex color mask up to either wind intensity or wind weight. It doesnt matter which since those two numbers just get multiplied together inside of the function.

Be fareful to use some soft falloff on your mask to avoid too much stretching. You should be able to paint over the bars with a soft brush to fix the issue.

Killer, thanks for the insight you two!!