Simple AI C++ behavior trees

Good day guys,

Right now I am kind of lost because I haven’t been able to do the AI for a project I am working on. I have tried to look at the Shooter game and work around this code but nothing worked. Could you help me guys!

What I basically want is an AI that when the enemy(The player) crosses his line of vision will chase him for a few seconds and come back if the attacks were not successful. Also when the player is not around I want the AI to wander aimlessly. I tried to do this with the behavior trees

I have tried so many times to find a way to get this to work but right now I just can’t do it ! Could you point me to the right direction or help me start this !

You could start with some simple tutorial first, it could be a lot out there.

This one u can start first.

Then this one if u want more.

Do you have anything more than this ? Maybe more related to moving AI?

There are bits of what you need in my spare-time AI tutorials


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