simple 4k render causes 32gb ram to fill up

Hi all.

I have just a single methauman in a scene with a hdrbackdrop for the background.

I’m using realtime raytracing in UE 4.27 on an rtx 2060 and windows 10.

If I render a single frame at 4k, the render completes and then UE’s ram usage steadily increases until UE becomes unresponsive and I have to kill the process.

I get this with every project I create.

My guess is that is related to the textures. Is there a setting I’m missing that will disable whatever process is causing this massive use of ram post render?

I’m totally happy to google the info and solve it myself if you can just point me in the direction I need to look.

cheers, ted

Welcome to the Unreal Engine Community, justtheted! We see that this is your first time posting! :medal_sports:

We are so excited to have you as an important part of our growing community!

One of the great things about sharing your question in our forums is that other fellow members have had or are going through the same issue as you! I have found a link for you to peruse that may lead to a better understanding of the issue you are having. Please let us know if this helps! :grinning: