Show lightmap when settings is set to low


I have a problem with the engines lightning system.
I want it to be able to use static and dynamic lightning at the same time, for that purpose i use a stationary directional light.
But, i want the static lightnings shadow (lightmap) to be visible, if i switch to low settings in the engine, within the engine scalability settings.
If, i set it’s settings to low then every shadow (static & dynamic) disappears, on low i want only the static lightnings to be rendered.
I can’t figure out the right settings for this.

Some pictures from the directional light settings:

Hi ,

Stationary Directional Lights work by drawing their cascades for the whole scene based on the dynamic shadow distance value set and then fading between the baked lighting.

When you’re on the LOW setting for shadow casting the shadow is still there for the baked lighting, it’s just not displayed because your Dynamic Shadow Distance is set to 20000 units and since LOW doesn’t support dynamic shadow casting so you lose the cascaded shadows leaving it looking like there isn’t any shadowing at all.

When devloping your game it’s good to setup custom quality settings that adjust specific console variables rather than using the built-in scalability settings. To reference what scalability settings change what console variables you can look at the BaseScalability.ini file.