Should I store references to UWorld and UGameInstance in my character code?

A question I’ve been meaning to ask for a while. I’m using World and Game Instance objects quite a few times in my code, so I wondered if I’m doing something wrong.

Does it make sense to make a variable that stores a reference to UWorld in order to optimize performance? Or is GetWorld() smart and I’m not saving any bandwidth by doing this?

What about game instance? Specifically, if I’d like to cast it to UMyCustomGameInstance.
Would making a variable to store make sense?

If you keep referencing it then yes it would make sense to make it variable, that way you don’t have to keep calling methods such as GetWorld() which (I don’t know the techinal nitty-gritty) will start a new process to execute that method whereas storing a variable means it doesn’t have to keep making new references to the same thing. Hopefully someone will be able expain it better than this.