Shadows under objects

Hello. How to make shadows under objects lighter?

Increase the skylight a bit…

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In the theory of illumination usually is used more than one light to illuminate scenes. Along with your Main Light, the strongest light in your scene, I recommend creating a Back Light, a duplicate, which is a light with half the intensity of your Main Light but in the completely opposite direction.
With that you’ll have a way to tint and increase or decrease the shadow in your scene.

And how ClockworkOcean says, using a Skylight object is also a good option, that is a light that uses the sky of your scene to light all the map.

I hope it helps you!

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Thank you! Second directional light helped me! The fact is that I don’t have the sky and the skylight has nowhere to get data from.

In the details of the skylight, there’s somewhere to drop in a hdri. That’s how you tell the skylight what kind of scene it is :slight_smile:

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