Shadows too dark

Well, if you already adjusted intensity everywhere, you could try increasing the number of light bounces in the skylight. That usually makes things lighter.

Also, if you want the look of the sun coming through the windows, I frequently see people just put spotlights just outside of the windows rather than purely relying on the directional light.

Hello everyone!
As you can see in foto there is too dark shadows… Im using HDRIBackdrop with stational skylight (intensity about 3) and stational direct light (intensity about 12) … There is lots of light, but inside is still very dark after rendering. I spent days trying to find adjustments this problem, wathed about 20 videos about light but still the same. On this the photo is my shadows:

As you can see its dark inside…i tried to make it looks like here:

Its Project ArchViz Tiny House from Mark.Zu (good one), i renderd light on this project on my PC and its still good shadows… Spent weeks on this adjustments, cannot understand whats wrong, I checked ALL settings in PostProcessVolume, Light settings, World settings… all the same between projects, but light is different… please help.

Well Thank You! Thats looks much better!