Shadows on SpotLightComponent

I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or what, but I can’t seem to get a dynamic spotlight component attached to an actor (the player’s camera in this case) to cause any shadows. I have cast shadows, cast static shadows, and cast dynamic shadows all turned on on the light, and the mesh I’ve been aiming at has cast shadows and cast dynamic shadows turned on. Additionally, shadows aren’t cast by BSP brushes.

On the other hand, attaching a point light component works as expected.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!


If I get you right - you got Spot Light attached to the player camera without any offset and some kind of a mesh in front of camera attached to a pawn? If this is true, than you wouldn’t actually see a shadow, since Point of View position is the same as light’s position. If you will add some kind of an offset to the light’s position you should be able to see the shadow.

If you still see no shadow, please tell me whether your project is intended for mobile or for PC/consoles? In case if this is mobile you won’t get shadows. Check this out to get more info on this:

If this is for PC/consoles please attach a screen from your blueprint picturing options both for mesh and light

I don’t have a mesh in front of the camera (I don’t have a mesh on the player at all right now), and I’ve tried adding different offsets to the spotlight. The project is configured for PC, and I’ve also made sure point light components will cast shadows (they do).

Here’s how the component is attached:

EDIT: Also, the light itself works fine, it just doesn’t cast dynamic shadows.

Here’s the hierarchy of components (FlashlightComponent is the spotlight):



So after some research I got this setup working:

I should admit, that this one didn’t start working properly, until I raised Engine Scalability Settings (no shadow, no even dynamic lighting on the static objects with Low level setup).

That is where it is located:

So basically I think you just need to check this options, since your project is intended for PC and I just did the same setup as yours.


I have the same problem here:
A Spotlight, which is inside of a Blueprint, doesn’t cast shadows.
A Spotlight, which is placed on the map without a blueprint works fine.
A Pointlight inside of the BP works fine, too.

I have the same settings as newest has (as far as I see).
Using version 4.9.2

Btw: I havent used the player pawn as BP.

I hope, someone has an idea, what I can do.



This is the inside of my very ugly Actor/BP.
Maybe it helps anwering the question.

Has anyone found a solution to this? I have the same problem