Shadows not casting on FBX object

I’ve been learning how to use the Unreal Engine and enrolled in the tutorials on the Academy pages.
Lighting and environment tutorials went just fine, but when I seem to do my own lighting setup, it always goes bananas and after searching online for answers, I just gave up and it just seems more like a serious issue to me.

I’ve made a small office space in Blender 2.8:

Which I imported in UE4, no issues reported. This is a multi-material FBX file.
After setting the materials (which I’ve borrowed from the RealisticRendering tutorial) and build the lighting I get the following:

The following is set in my project:

  • Static Lighting Enabled
  • Stationary Directional Light
  • Stationary Sky Light
  • Atmospheric fog with standard settings
  • Static objects in the scene
  • There’s a Lightmass importance volume surrounding the entire mesh
  • Dynamic Shadows disabled (to see if shadows are baked) by setting Dynamic Shadow Distance to 0.0

So essentially this should work, I should atleast get shadows on the roof.
There’s material on each slot as well so it shouldn’t act up.

Tried doing the following:

  • As soon as I enable dynamic shadows I get shadows cast through the windows, This should not be necessary
  • When I add random elements outside, the light build becomes veeery different (see picture below)

Doesn’t make any sense to me , can anyone answer why this is happening?


Static/stationary lighting uses lightmaps to visualize lighting information after a light build.
Do you have an uv setup as lightmap for every mesh? Could you show it to us (main walls for example?) + what lightmap resolution you’re using?
…hopefully it’s not a single mesh! :wink:

Looks like your office is a single mesh, which is the worst way to do it.
Split them up into separate meshes then reimport.