Shadows from static objects are low quality.

As you can see, shadows from objects set to Static are noticeably lower quality than others.
I was trying to tweak lighting settings here and there, but with no result to improve that.

Here are my lighting settings on the light source and in World Settings:

Also, lightmap resolution is fine:

If anyone will give me an advice about what could be done here, I will be very grateful!

Quality of shadows from static objects depends on light map resolution of object’s that receives the shadow. Such small and detailed objects would be often better with dynamic shadows. Despite your statement, that lightmap resolution is fine, it is not fine enough to get the shadow you want.

The light source is stationary. With movable I can control shadow quality with cascade shadows - that is I know.

So, don’t use small objects as static then? That is the whole problem?

Either that, or simply accept the quality, or crank up lightmap resolution, if case permits.

It’s not so much about game design, I was just trying to play around with lighting and see what I can achieve. Shadows from static objects seem to be pretty bad.
I enabled and tweaked Distant Field Soft Shadows though, and it gives substantially better results. Although the downside of it is that I have to manually go through meshes and set distant field shadow resolution on each of them and check if everything looks good in mesh distant field visualization mode.

i’ll post this as comment and not as answer cause i’m not really sure about the issue. Telling us if you light source is either static/stationary/movable will help. Btw this is something that usually has to do with Bias

i would suggest to actually remove shadow from the majority of the meshes in the world, but i guess that’s a game design decision. Small meshes are gonna cast small shadows, if it’s a weapon make it movable, if it’s a piece of prop on the ground you can remove it. player is never gonna care about such small shadows, infact a huge slice of the PC players just disables shadowing. That’s my opinion i’m not saying i’m 100% right =P