Shadows from movable directional light behave differently further from world origin

I have a world with several meshes, one is at position (0, 0, 0) the other at position (15000, 15000, 0), the distance between them is roughly 23500 units. In this world I have a movable directional light at position (0, 0, 2000) and a post processing volume at position (0, 0, 0).
Static shadows are disabled in project settings and for these images I set the shadow quality to low.

The directional light acts as a moving sun and the shadows in the images move towards the bottom right over time. There are some artifacts visible as the light slowly moves.

My problem is that the further from the origin a mesh is the more jittery the shadow becomes.
The images below were made in the same circumstances, only the location of the mesh is different.

Shadows near and far from origin:



I tried changing the location of the directional light and the post processing volume, but there were no changes to the behavior as far as I could tell.

My question is: is this inherent to directional lights somehow or is there a setting that affects this?

First i have a question, Is the direction light set to dynamic?

Yes, the directional light is set to “Movable” and slowly rotates in place.