Shadows flickering/cycling over objects


I’m having an issue, particularly with destructibles, where the shadows on the object seems to flicker or cycle over it. Basically the shadow on the object will look almost like a ripple effect on water where it washes over the objects in waves, moving the shadows with it.

Very strange and it seemed to suddenly occur. No idea why, I was simply importing some items I had created, not even placing them in the world.

There is no z-fighting on the mesh and I have tried turning on two-sided shadows.

Anyone familiar with this?

The weirdest thing is that the effect is very random in the sense that I can have the same destructible next to each other, one will flicker/cycle shadows until it despawns while one flickers slightly for just a few seconds. No matter what angle my own character is.

Added a video uf the issue here:

I’ve also tried removing all forms of lights or effects from the level blueprint, including atmospheric fog, skylights, post processing volume, light importance volume and reflection capture. Only thing I haven’t tried removing is the directional light.