Shadows disappear when i move away from object

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I set up a BP to switch out a coffee table in my scene while in game. I set the tables to stationary so that the lighting doesn’t get baked into the level, and it works fine. The problem is that when I switch to one of the tables, and step away from it, the shadows disappear. When I am close to the object it shows the shadow. It seems as though when I overlap the collision box I have setup, the shadows show correctly and when I move away from the collision box it disappears. (The collision box is used through the BP to show my widget for switching the tables.) I will post images. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time!

With shadows

No Shadows

You can find a lot of information here:


thatshould help you out :slight_smile:


as far as I can see the camera isn’t far enough from the table that the shadow would disapear I think.

I would take a look on the lights in the scene.

What lights do you have placed and how they are configured?`

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Hey guys!

Thanks for your replies and time! I have spot lights above the table and chairs set to stationary. On further testing It seems that it has nothing to do with the collision box. Whenever I get close to the object on either side it shows the shadow and then when I step away a few units it just disappears. I will post an image of them. In regard to the first answer, I will look at the docs and see if I can find anything that helps me there. Thank you!

I have this same problem, but with the dynamic “security camera” mesh that I migrated from the “Blueprints” free project. The “security camera” is as default in its BP_Security_Camera_Tracking and tucked against a wall. When you play the level the “security camera” moves left and right and targets the player if close to its cone of light. It gets its dynamic shadow if I’m close with my camera (in-game and in editor), but the shadow disappears when you are a couple of steps away from it (which is too short and too noticeable). The light source is a single Spot Light in the middle of a closed room. I don’t get this issue with the shadows on the SM_chair mesh from the “Starter Content” pack, not even after I enable physics on it and I bump and toss the chair far away from the camera.
I noticed that the “security camera” in its “Blueprints” project reacts more properly to a sudden Point Light and Spot Light in its general vicinity, as the shadow fades into nothingness, a tad more natural looking than seeing it just disappearing in the blink of an eye. It’s still noticeable though as the shadow disappears too close to the player if he looks up from less than 2 feet away from it.

Is this an issue of the Point Light and Spot Light or of the model in itself?

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For other things. Have a look at this troubleshooting guide link about lights: