Shadows disappear on camera specific angle

Hi everyone,

I’m using ARCore and in AR everything needs to be movable, lighting included.

and I don’t know why but, on specific angle, my shadows simply disappear.

And we just have to move the device a little and…

We can see when we rotate the device the shadows are dispearring from the bottom to the top which clearly means that is related to the angle of the camera.

So my question : How to simply avoid that ?

Bests regards


Hi, we’ve got the exactly same issue…
It only appears in AR…perhaps it is something linked to the clipping of the AR Camera?

I think it should be noted that I’m currently having the same issue but am not using AR.

I face the same issue here. I got dynamic shadow enabled on my movable object using stationary directional light. The issue is exactly the same if I also use movable directional light.

This seems more related to dynamic shadow for mobile device issue.


Have you tried playing with the Dynamic Shadow Distance value on the Cascaded Shadow Map tab on your directional light? If you haven’t, try to pick the values that could remove the issue. I had the same issue and I tried around 2000 and it worked.


With only a static SkyLight and a Stationnary Directionnal Light, built the whole thing with cascaded shadow maps. It seems to work. But I used World to Meters. and the limit is to short :confused:

Can you help me with the same project? I mean ARImage with ARCore. All that i try is not workin…(

How can I get shadows in ARCore ? I am working on this for long time