Shadows disappear at certain angle on mobile

So I have a skysphere with a directional light and objects that are supposed to throw shadows in real-time. It works fine, but as soon as I turn on the Vulkan Preview, the shadows all disappear at a certain angle. I figured out that when my camera is looking at the scene from an angle simular to the directional light angle, the shadows work, but when I look from a different angle, they disappear.


Has anyone any idea why this is happening and how I can fix it?
I would be happy for every hint!

The problem is probably the giant scale of the scene. I would have to set the “Dynamic Shadow Distance MovableLight” to around 80.000 so that the shadows don’t fade out too fast, but the weird clipping of the shadows is happening frequently there. I noticed that for 40.000 it is working without any issues. Therefore the solution would be to scale down the whole scene I think.