Shadow Quality = proportional to size?


I was just doing some experiments on how UV effects the lighting in game and I found that the larger I make the mesh the more sharper and realistic it looks, here are some screen shots

Keep in mind that these are with the lightmaps that I CREATED in blender I did this with Unreal Generate lightmap uv feature and the results were pretty much the same.
I set the Lightmap res to 512 and still results are the same.

why is this happening? How can I make the smaller ones have more quality in their shadow?

Hey dogu189,

This is the result of not enough resolution to go around. Shadow resolution does not scale up or down in different areas. Since the larger objects have a higher surface area, they shadow more of the ground, which means there is more resolution for the shadow.

The best way to deal with this is to have the shadow be blurred the further on it goes, just like what you see in real life, however this is probably not possible in the current version of Unreal Engine 4.

Hopefully one day we can have infinite digital resolutions so this wouldn’t be a problem! :slight_smile:

Baked shadow quality depends on lightmap resolution of the object, that is receiving the shadow, not the one that is casting it. Increase your floor lightmap resolution.

Both floor and Object have 512 resolution.