Shadow going through the floor

Hi, I’ve been having this weird issue where the shadow of the controlled pawn is projected on the lower floor I’ve set up below as shown in the attached screenshot, the only thing I did was pretty much just disable the shadow for the upper floor. Can anyone tell me a way to make it so the shadow of the pawn doesn’t appear on the lower floor?


Can you do a more distant shot? It’s hard to get the relationship between objects.

Sorry for the late response, I hope this one helps.

Sorry, not really :wink:

What is happening? You have one floor above another? Can you do a distance shot?

Can you also open the world outliner a bit more, so we can see what assets you have in the scene…

Alright, here it is, there are two platforms, the player is on the top on and his shadow is projected on the lower one for some reason, I don’t want that to happen. You can replicate this by using the third person template and duplicating the platform the character is standing on.

Ok. It’s because you have static lighting ( I’m guessing ) and you duplicated the floor, which duplicated the shadow.

You either need to build light, or change your directional light to movable :slight_smile:

It didn’t work, I made a new platform with a plane, a new directional light, and built the lighting and nothing changed. The shadow is still projected below.