Shadow Error

Hi everyone
I’m a newbie on Unreal
I have a problem with my project
The shadow of the object is faulty when I Build All or Build Light
I tried deleting the old point light and making a new one, adding objects again and Build again but it still got error
This is the UE5 file I copied from my friend’s laptop
His laptop is still running normally and without errors
Hope everyone can help me
Thx !

:((((( pls help me

Hi Nguyen,

One easy solution/workaround to this would be to change your light from ‘Static/Stationary’ to ‘Moveable’ - Shadows from moveable lights are calculated in real-time, so no baking required! (Be careful with too many moveable shadow-casting lights though, they WILL hurt performance)

If you want to stick with baked lighting, I’d try and level-up your knowledge on lightmaps (Does the lightmap UV for the wall look sane?)

Hope that helps!