Shadow Catcher from Composure

I need that kind of Shadow Catcher from the Composure Plug-In for my project. Composure Example on Youtube

I’m trying to build a kind of runtime compositing Tool, so is it possible to transfer this feature from the Composure Plug-In to my project or is there any other way to get only the shadow casting on a plane to render (special Material)?

Nobody got an idea? Its not a new request, but I hoped that there are some news because of the Composure Plugin and the AR hype… In AR this kind of shadow is essential… The Unreal4AR-Plugin shows a solution, but the Source Code is not free… Unreal4AR Bike Demo

The Tutorial for Apple ARKit shows a way with “Cast Modulate Shadows”, but this seems to be not dynamic… ARKit

Some solutions can be found here:

this is a clear breakdown on how to get it working. You may want to watch the video for a breakdown.