Shadow border in landscape

Hi there, I would like to ask you if someone have any idea about what to modify and check to make the landscape better.
Right now, I dont know if its a lights problem or a Material problem but theres somekind of pure black shadow making me mad. It appears sometimes when an object is getting into the landscape and instead of mixing both materials, just draw this ugly line.

I will add screenshot.

Hard to point out from the screenshot, but are you using any sort of toon shader?
It might be drawing outlines on every mesh.

Can also be very intense shadows or ambient occlusion, or just a misconfigured material in generalā€¦

More details about the project and scene might help figuring it out.

Have tried tons of things with landscape, materials, lights and so but I found a solution changing Lightmap Type to Force Volumetric at stairs, not landscape.

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