Shading differences in 4.5?

Hi everyone.

I started a project on UE4.2 but I haven’t upgraded it yet to recent versions of the engine because of some differences in the materials with each version. When I tested my project in 4.3, I noticed that after I build lighting again in the new version, all materials had less reflections, like if roughness value of all of them were higher. I have to lower the roughness to very low values to have similar results. I already posted about this issue here: [link text][1]

UE4.4 behave the same way for me. But now in 4.5 is even worse. Now I don’t even have to rebuild lighting to se everyithing with less reflections. I also noticed that in 4.5, the default Sky Sphere in the default blanck project has much darker clouds with the same values. So I have to increase Cloud Opacity to have similar results. Here you can see two screenshots about this sky issue. The first one is from 4.2.1 (and I think it looks the same even in 4.4), and the second screenshot is form 4.5:

So I wanted to know if all of these are expected behaviours and I should check all my shaders to ensure I have the result I want, or is there something wrong or something that I am not aware of.

Thanks for your attention.

Hi PacoChan,

This is expected. There are changes that are made that will take effect from engine version to engine version.

To see the difference here, you can adjust the Directional Light intensity and see that the BP_Sky_Sphere is no longer affected by the light’s intensity directly.

If you hide or delete the BP_Sky_Sphere you will not see a difference in these scenes.

Thank you!