Shaders compiling everytime I open project

Hello all,

I am a complete noob to Unreal just started doing a Udemy course with it, but, I seem to be running into issues that no other people in the course are running into. We are making our game just basically using the “Terminal” actor. Now one of the issues I have is that everytime I open the project, the shaders need to compile - everytime! And as I started to make changes to the project as we were encouraged to do, the number of shaders started to increase, I added in a couple of items from a free asset that I found and the shaders went to over 2.3k, and while these shaders are compiling I can’t do anything, I can look at code and make changes but I can’t compile it till the shaders are finished compiling “again for the umpteenth time” and it takes about 10 mins. Now its up to 14 mins :frowning:

Is there anything I can do as a noob to speed up the process? Or is this something that is part of the Unreal development process that I am going to have to live with?


Someone on the other forum for Unreal answered my question with: “alternate paths”.

However that was all the person said, would someone here be able to explain what this “alternate paths” means and what it would entail to stop the over 2.5k (and growing) shaders from always compiling when I open up my project.

I really would like a solution before delving further into game development.

Thankyou and Regards.

Thankyou for all the support in getting my Unreal projects working correctly it is very much appreciated. The amount of answers has me overwhelmed - such a great advertisement for Unreal and the development team.

The people of this forum should be congratulated for helping this noob taking my first steps in Unreal development.

Thankyou greatly.