Shader Compiler has completely stopped working

Completely fresh install of the 4.9.2 engine
Completely new project
New material
Vector3 into base colour
4 minute+ shader compile times - the shadercompiler.exe processes don’t even register as 0.1% on my 4 month old i7 cpu…

was working perfectly last week - any help/advice?! this is driving me nuts!

oh also, if you save while the shader isn’t compiled then the engine freezes at 50% and refuses to close, even with End Process from the Task Manager - just sits there using memory…

it also seems to only create 4 shadercompile workers when i have an 8 core cpu.

Hi thalevfx -

Can you post a copy of your DXDIAG here? I am fairly sure this is being caused by a video card conflict and it is something that I can get you past but I want to confirm the case.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

thanks for the reply - i’ll post the dxdiag when i get home tonight but i’ve got a dual 970 sli setup. i updated to the latest drivers when the problem started but i dont think there was any other changes to my drivers or anything that might have caused it and it was working perfectly last week.

Do you know if your motherboard has a Integrated Graphics on it?

link text here’s my dxdiag file.

any ideas? its really frustrating not being able to do anything!

Ok, so after looking at your DXDIAG, the issue doesn’t look to be caused by the one I thought it was, which is not great as I had an relatively easy fix for that one.

Let’s dig in a little, I am going to need you to cause the “freeze” again. Note the time (approximately) when it occurs, then use the following Wiki, A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums, to get Windows Event Logs for the time of the crash. Also, if you can attach your actual project logs from when you reproduce.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Hey Eric,

so repeating the freeze process doesnt actually crash the engine - it just hangs on save until the shader compiler finishes - it just happens to be incredibly slow.

so unfortunately nothing shows up in the Event Viewer.

i’ve uploaded a screengrab of task manager - it only has 3 or 4 shader compiler workers, should it not have 8 with my cpu?

edit: i’ve double checked my hardware performance and it seems to all be working correctly - would a faulty cpu core cause this sort of error?

i presume the shadercompiler code is in the engine code and i’ve already tried reinstalling the engine from scratch.

i cant think of anything that would have changed from when this was working fine last week and now…

Can you check your task manager and see how many cores you are registering in the Performance Tab?

For an example I am registering 12 cores on my current work PC, and 8 will get used for Shader Compiler work, the other 4 are being used by Windows and other programs open.

If you Performance Tab is not showing all your cores correctly, then you will need to do some research on ways to get Windows to correctly identify the cores correctly.

Here is one possible starting point for that, - YouTube, but it is talking about Windows 7 so with Windows 8 it may be a different issue.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Hey Eric,

Thanks for the help - i’ve no idea what changed but it seems to all be working again now… i’ve not made any changes to the hardware or software, it’s just started working again!

thanks for taking the time to look into this - fingers crosses it wont happen again!

I am really glad to hear it. If this reoccurs for you. Feel free to reopen the question here with any additional information you have at the time.

Eric Ketchum