setup nDisplay with ingame cameras


I am working on a multiprojection project and I am trying to use nDisplay system to set everything up.
I read the documentation and got a simple config file working, creating multiple nDisplay camera for my multiple screen.
Now I want to apply post processing materials to the different camera (different post processing material for each display). Since the post processing configuration only supports OutputRemap effect I wanted to try to setup cameras in my UE scene before packaging the project and somehow bind these cameras to the corresponding display in the nDisplay system.

I had no success doing this via the config file as I did not find any specific setting for this purpose.
I then tried to do it via a blueprint in the scene. Using the DisplayClusterProjection Module API and its Set Camera node but it did not seem to work as well.

I would love to have ppl’s input on this problem.
Thanks in advance for your answers

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same problems here
Where did you do the BP, the DisplayClusterSettings1?

I simply created a dummy actor and put it in the scene. This BP graph is linked to the BeginPlay event.
To access the Display… API I think you need to enable the nDisplay plugin but I am not sure.

nDisplay dev here!

nDisplay post-processing is very specific to nDisplay functionality and technically nothing to do with engine PP effects.

If you want to have custom rendering PP effects per viewports here is a way to do it:

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@hell0w0rld123 How would you go about setting the nDisplay camera to a camera actor? Say, if you want to use it with Composure.

Hey there!

Back to the original question (how to map in-game cameras via BP):

If you use the ‘SetCamera’ function as shown in your screenshot, you also have to declare that nDisplay view to use a ‘camera’ projection in the nDispaly config file, e.g.

[viewport] id="vp_1"      x="0" y="0"     width="750" height="750"      projection="proj_custom_cam"
[projection] id="proj_custom_cam"  type="camera"

Doing so should allow you to set the cam via BP. Not sure if that will use that camera’s postprocessing though…


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Hey hell0w0rld123, This is a great tip for getting custom post processing with NDisplay. Is there a similar function, or can you describe the process to get custom Lens settings with NDisplay?

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What the use case for that?

Look at DisplayClusterProjectionPolicyAPI, there is something like SetCamera function.

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