Setting up occlusion / obstruction between UE4 and Wwise

I have wwise intergrated with 4.10 and I have the basic audio occlusion working where if an object is between the sound source and the listener then occlude 100%.

What i’m wondering is if it’s possible to finnesse this system any further. Wwise has a curves in project settings that allow you to change low pass and volume curves based on % of occlusion however when I changed these curves (so 100% wasn’t -infinity on volume and LP) I didn’t hear any changes in game. It would still occlude 100%.

Is it possible to make it so unreal will recognize a % of occlusion? Can I change or set material properties somewhere to set a ‘density’ or does this require a coder to do this work for us?

Currently it seems to just jump from 0% to 100% as soon as the player loses line of sight to the sound source.

Is the UE4 audio occlusion using a different system to what wwise is presenting me with and how possible is it to get these two to play with each other?


Same question I have, and I find it’s always the occlusion happened rather than obstruction, maybe it should be a setting in UE?

I have created an occlusion system for audio in UE4 and it requires line tracing. I think that if you want to create a deeper occlusion system to replace the one that’s given to you by Wwise, you have no other option but to get your hands dirty with some programming.

You can start by creating physical materials that are then associated to geometric elements in your levels (Walls, … ), then the most important sound emitters in your game have to line trace to your character and if you break the hit result on those line traces, you can see if you (listener) were hit by the line trace or, if not, what kind of material is between the emitter and the listener. From that point on you can create a finer occlusion parameter that talks to LPF and volume attenuation inside Wwise.

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Good idea and thx alot,but I’m afriad that it may cost alot of CPU,tomorrow I’ll check out if it’s a good way to solve this problem.And I find it seems that the occlusion was based on the rotation of camera while not on the player’s face direction,maybe there should be a change of listener?

Check this out. What I did is the same concept and it may help you to visualise the system. It can be expensive for sure, that’s why I said that you should apply this only to the most important sound emitters in the game.