Setting up light

Hello. Im working on a project where the playground is a huge (and i mean, very huge) arena. I created my arena’s mesh inside of blender and now im looking for a way to create a cool looking lighting. The problem is, i dont know what i did - but my project seems to not handle lighting correctly, i need to rebuild it every time i add or change something, and it doesnt seem to affect anything even though everything is set to visible. I basically want to create few spotlights/point lights that are affecting certain areas, and on top of the arena few reflector-like rays of light. I dont know what im doing wrong, but none seems to be working as i would want it to… Neihter does point light, and neither does spotlight (which cone’s max length is too short to affect anything) Can somebody give me some tips on how i can troubleshoot it, and give me few tips about ligting this arena? Like, creating light - reflector rays, and how can i handle the idea of those big reflectors on walls? My head hurts from amount of things about lighting, but even though i follow the tutorials, the light wont even work in the first place :smiley: This question may be stupid (as i am) but its an really honest question about the basics and just troubleshooting the issues i have… (rebuilding the light every time i change even one thing inside of the light, cuz i dont think that its necesarilly normal) and just, sortof designing the light - as i really cant get any idea on how to even handle this.

Here is the link to the screen of the arena (i was inspired by one certain art of an futuristic arena) :

i know that model seems kinda wacky, but its still WIP - i was just trying to see if i like it or not

Thanks in advance, and have a great day/night