Set Skeletal Mesh replication broken?

Hello everyone.

I’m testing some customization using the default Third Person template with the UE4 Mannequin’s default blueprint. I have been able to do simple customization that works online for Static Meshes that attach to sockets, however now I’m trying to do the same with Skeletal Meshes and I’m having trouble getting it to work, even though I’m doing the exact same process.

Basically on my components inside the ThirdPersonCharacter, I have a Skeletal Mesh Component that’s a child of the ‘Mesh’ actor. On the same place I have all my Static Meshes that I can exchange properly online. The Skeletal Mesh is set to Replicate, and inside the Event Graph I have a Custom Event set to “Run on Server” that once executed does a “Set Skeletal Mesh” and the New Mesh is an element from within a variable “Skeletal Mesh” array that is also replicated.

Am I missing something? The exact same process works for my Static Meshes and the swap works if I’m the server or playing offline otherwise. This is using UE4.15.

Thank you.

If I remember correctly, a static mesh component will replicate the static mesh it uses and set it.
You need to do likewise with the replicated skeletal mesh.
Replicate the skeletal mesh using rep notify.
Once the client receives the skeletal mesh rep notify, do set skeletal mesh again.


Hey Kris,

Based on what I’m reading about RepNotify, this seems to be what I need. However I can’t say I know how to set it up (I’m not that knowledgeable about Blueprints).
This is what’s going on inside my Blueprint:

The Variables I have here are the “Arms” Skeletal Mesh Array, the “Arm Mesh” SkeletalMeshComponent and the “ArmsCurrentIndex” Integer that I use to check where on the Array am I.
If it’s not too much trouble, could you guide me with what I would need to put inside the RepNotify and where should I place it?

By the way, with how I have it set up now with my Custom Event set to Run on Server, when I change the skeletal mesh for myself or any other player, I can only see the results on the Server side. Would I need to change how the Custom Event runs, or just doing the Rep Notify would tell the other players that someone else changed his gear too?

Thanks a lot.

Have the same issue. Server says the mesh was updated after setting new skeletal mesh, but can not see changes on clients side, even if I set the Mesh (CharacterMesh0) to be replicated component through details panel.

any suggestions?

UPD: use separate variable for skeletal mesh value and rep notify it from server to all. This will allow you to set the replicated mesh into skeletal mesh component on both server and client side. Thanks @Kris.