Set shadow of the head of my beheaded character mesh


I ve resized my character mesh head to 0 as it’s a FPS and I don’t have the AIM offset anims so if i don’t do that when i move the camera pitch it shows his hairs,

But the shadow of the character don’t have his head too,

Outlast does it so I know there s a way, just can figure out how.


Hey there, you dont need to scale you just need to make sure that the head material when applied is not double sided and the inner vertices are backfacing so they are not rendered due to backface culling.

In Skeletal Mesh component Details view, under Rendering rollout try to check “Owner No See” check box.
You may also want to check Hidden Shadow under Lighting if shadows are hidden too.

But in case you want to only partially hide your mesh, try adding invisible material. It’s hacky tho, there should be better way to do it. :slight_smile:

I was assuming that he wanted to still see his body except the head, if this is the case the Owner No See will only work if the head is a separate skeletal mesh. If that’s not the case your suggestion will work :slight_smile:

Well the material of the head is not double sided but when i m in certain position against light, i see it nose holesTn of my character and when i jump I see his hairs even if I attached the camera to the head bone.

I really want to have no head and have his shadow.

At 3:54, you can see Outlast devs done it, with Unreal engine, Outlast Whistleblower Miles FACE DISCOVERED!!!! - YouTube

For now the only thing working is add a second skeletal mesh hidden in game but I guess it s not the best for performances

You don’t want to render the head but you still want to see your body right? In that case you can try the solution from AyanMiru, but that requires that you have the head as a separated skeletal mesh.

I’ve tried with invisible Material but it don’t cast shadow

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Maybe you can try setting the head with an invisible material and enable the Hidden Shadow in the mesh, but it might not work.

Yes I ve tried with invisible Material, It won’t work, I ll export it to blender and see what I can do.

I need to see the whole body but the head give me problems with the FPS camera



For now I’m using two meshes, one beheaded, visible with no shadow and one for the shadow, hidden in game, the problem is I have to use 2 anims BP because I’ve set sounds in the main one, it works but sometimes anims are not synchronised and it shouldn’t be the best for performances.

Nobody have a better idea?