Set lights to zero brightness/black colour vs toggle visibility

does setting a light to zero brightness/ pure black colour have the same effect as turning off a light with toggle visubility in terms of cpu usage? i.e. is it best to toggle a light off in blueprint to save resources?

Hey Bennetherwood-

You are right in your assumption that turning the light off is better for performance/resources. A light with a brightness of zero is still calculating a brightness. Turning the light off means that the light does not have to send any data until it is turned back on. Hope this helps your project.


Yes thanks thought so, gotta go sort of some blue print now :D, might it be an idea to remove the ability to set a light to pure black or the brightness to zero, or automatically set these conditions to be light visibility to off in an update to save resources for all users? As I can see no way in which setting a light to be black or zero brightness would be helpful over toggling light and people may accidentally do this ?

Thanks for the idea, I can certainly pass your thoughts along as a feature request. If you have any other questions or thoughts on the idea of light settings please let us know what you think so we can continue to improve the engine.