Server Travel not affecting Clients

Hey everyone,

So I was tinkering around with ServerTravel and I understand from this piece of documentation that ServerTravel is to be called on the Server. Once it is called, it then calls ClientTravel to all the connected PlayerControllers so that the clients come along as well. The issue is that when I call Servertravel, the Server will travel to the new level but the client remains in the previous level. Can anyone explain why?

Here’s my code:

void AMyPlayerController::BeginPlay()

	GetWorld()->GetTimerManager().SetTimer(TestTimerHandle, this, &AMyPlayerController::LoadIntoLevel, 3.0, false);

void AMyPlayerController::LoadIntoLevel()
	UWorld* World = GetWorld();
	if (World)
		if (Role == ROLE_Authority)

maybe you need to create a session and have all clients join that session.

I did that through Blueprints already. Both are in the same session which is why I’m so confused as to why the client won’t follow along. Do you want me to show the Blueprints and see if they can help explain?

Well I feel incredibly dumb. I just realized I wan’t launching my game from the main menu so there wasn’t a session that the two game windows joined in the first place.

hahaha i just did the same god ■■■■ thing! xD was driving me crazy!

This was actually very helpful hahaha

I can’t believe it was from such a simple mistake. This has saved me so much time.