Server Drop FPS and World Tick

Hello there,

When a client connects to the server and a large number of actors spawn, the world tick starts to increase and the fps starts to drop. I managed to parse the loops with multi threading but still this problem persists. We have come to the end of our project and we have a really big project, this is the only obstacle in front of us to finish our project. What should I do to fix this situation? There is no way I haven’t tried. Please help us.

Up pls help me :’(

Hi, so you have the increase in frame time only during the spawn process of those actors? Or do you have this increase in frame time after all those actors are spawned?

Hi, As long as the actors live, the World Tick increases. Fps drops.

Ok, then you could profile your game and see where the performance goes Profiler Tool Reference | Unreal Engine Documentation


And do you mean that as long as the actors live the world tick continually increases? If so, then you may constantly spawn something in those actors without destroying it.