Server does not replicate explosion to other clients but replicates a projectile


When I press fire button, the client tells the server to spawn a missile, and with this clients can hit other clients (tested and works on a dedicated and non ded* server).

However, when I spawn a particle effect, on the server I can’t see it on the client, only the server window can see both effects, the clients can’t see it. Why is this, if the client can see the missiles, then why not the effects?

I KNOW that visual effects should not be run on server, waste of net, but should be done locally. But I want to see the opposing client firing.

How can I run a particle effect on the server, and see it on all clients, because my server is not replicating this.

Thank you,


Effects should be run on the server because there’s a possibility that you are a standalone server, i.e. you host a game and have graphics.

To replicate particles to all clients, create replicated method of Multicast type that is called on the server, or make the gun muzzle flash part of animation (via Anim notifies, if your gun is a skeletal mesh).

Yes, this is a non dedicated game.

So can I talk you through this.

I press right click, and If I am the server then play the particle effect. If I am not the server, run a multi cast function that plays the effect? Is this it?

You don’t need to do any checks. Multicast function is also called on the server: