Sequencer Updates, Subway Showcase and UE4jam Winners - June 30th - Live from Epic HQ

Now that 4.12 is out and 4.13 is on the horizon we have a lot of new Sequencer features to show off! In addition to the features, there is a brand new showcase project available on the Learn tab on the Epic Games Launcher by the name of Squencer Subway. Then, Jess and I will be revealing and playing the winning June UE4jam Entries. Tune in and see the cinematic magic!

Thursday, June 30th @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown]



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Got questions? Feel free to ask here or during the stream!


Sequencer… DROOL…

Ohh, this is going to be slick!

I can’t find Sequencer Subway on Learn tab, just “old” Sequencer file… Or I understood something wrong…

I think it’s exactly that one. In the docs its called Sequencer Subway: Sequencer Subway | Unreal Engine Documentation in the launcher just “Sequencer”.

Oh, I see… Thank you very much!

Sounds like an Awesome stream!