Send array of floats/vectors to Niagara?


I’m trying to get Niagara to render a grid maze for me. I’ve managed to generate the grid of meshes but can’t really seem to be able to send an array to Niagara in order to set the height of the individual grid elements (to set which grid elements are wall tiles and which are just ground tiles).

I’ve been trying for the last few days to send an array of floats or vectors to Niagara that I could also edit at run-time.

I think that this is probably going to be doable using a Data Interface but it does seem a bit difficult to implement as there isn’t any real documentation for Niagara, and even less (if that’s possible) for Data Interfaces.

Has anyone had any success sending an array to Niagara?

Did you ever find a solution for sending array data to Niagara?
I just ran into this problem. I’m trying to send audio visualizer data to a particle system.

I may have come up with a work around. Here is the theory: Utilize a curve. Add as many points as you need on the curve, and use the point value as your array element value.

I need to give this a shot. Fingers crossed.

Sadly no. I’ve currently let this bit of my project aside because it does seem that they will eventually add this functionality.