Screenshot Saturday!

These screenshots have me HYPED to try the “Lost Between” demo on the 31st! Excellent work; I can’t wait to play!

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The pleasure is all mine! I think it’s safe to say the three years you and your team put into creating “Blind Descent” paid off; the gameplay is looking phenomenal! I just know me and my friends will have a blast playing. :grin:

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Today my old friend from the ruins of Abashibalba!you will play the demo :slight_smile: hope you like it!

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Greetings @VigdArt, Congrats on your demo release! I have been trying to download and play the “Lost Between” demo today but to no avail. The website isn’t as easy to navigate as I’d hope, haha. Is there another way to download your demo?

Happy ScreenshotSaturday!


Greetings @Overwrite_Games, Gerel: Against The Corvus Empire looks incredible! What is the main protagonist’s name? I see it’s a different character than the one shown in your prototype gameplay on your youtube channel a year ago.

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kinda update ?
keep building my open world horror adventure!
you will enter and climb some of the buildings to explore and do what you need to do to keep progress.



The game IKO39 is in development.
This is an adventure sci-fi detective. Find out what happened at the station that stopped communicating with Earth. Amy, the artificial intelligence of the station, will help solve the mystery of what happened.
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