Screenshot Saturday!

@Madhouse, great atmosphere! Love the contrast in the last shot :slight_smile:

Stunning work on this page, keep it up! =)

Latest unit for our RTS, Empires Apart!:

Saturday hype! This is what I’ve been working on this week for the game. We’re doing challenge/bonus levels as as separate contained little thing. This one dissolves in a radius around the player!

And a tease video showing what we’ve done these past 2 weeks!

Hey y’all! Not a big update this week. Life got in the way. ;( We made some changes to the design of the triple powerup to distinguish it from the power powerup. It’ll need its own emissives and everything, but so far it’s looking better! Hopefully we can get the gamemode up and running by next week. It’d be good to start showing some gameplay.

Productive week this week. Here is a screen shot from the finished cut-scene. Well almost, still a little more polish to go.


bloom and manga stuff

@DonMorti, Thanks man! Your stuff looks really great aswell :slight_smile: Cheers!

You are working for techland?
I mean… that video could be right from the E3… WOW!

hehe thanks <cheers>, yes I’m working at Techland but after work I’m doing UE4 “how to create game from scratch tutorial” page.

Awesome video Intoxicat3. =)

I know it is not Saturday … but I keep forgetting to post on Saturday. 8-{

This is an updated UI for Kaboom Arena that includes our shiny new chat / message window as well as our new item system that was identified as a flaw in the current game.

New Message Received and the Chat Window is not faded. You will also notice that we have 10 smoke bombs (5 each in slots 1 and 3).

Chat Window has now faded slightly. You will also notice that we have 10 smoke bombs (5 each in slots 1 and 3).

Another #screenshotsaturday screenshot we just published a while ago.11865045_854970074594899_7724016374271172295_o.jpg

Here’s 2400 screenshots, ok, a 1:20 video walk around of the entry scene for a game I’m working on with my friend… we’re finally moving onto the main level. My friend leans more towards design, and I’m our primary artist. But, I’m also the one of us much more experienced with UE4 (I’ve been working with the engine since 4.0, and my friend has only been working with it since June)

Not much work this much either. We’re looking to get the player model to stand out in the level a bit better, so we’re having her glow. We’re also hoping to get reflection probes to work with her armor, but it doesn’t seem to be blending quite right.

On a side note, there’s only a week until PAX Prime! The pressure is on! We’ll be showcasing our rough demo at our school’s booth!

I figured I should jump in on this. I really enjoy this stuff. I am working on a game pretty much on my own called CravingHumanity 2015-08-15_20-30-32.jpg

what i got so far to 32190761f30869bdc22d9dc0dfac022bc5ff2224.jpeg 94ca4b84256cf700c1db57df281ad2ba1bab2c4f.jpeg

This is fantastic lol!

score and combo panel