Scene much brighter when launched

Hey guys,

I’m having a huge problem when launching my game outside of the editor - it’s becoming much brighter. Here’s an example in editor:

And here it is launched as a standalone game:

I’ve tried messing around with post processing and auto exposure, but nothing seems to be working. It’s getting really annoying as I don’t know how to proceed with my lighting development without knowing how it’s actually going to look!

Thanks for any help,

In the Post Process Volume, did you set the auto exposure min and max to the same value?

I have indeed, but I think I’ve sorted it! I set the ‘Post Process Blend Weight’ to 0 on the camera inside the Character BP and it seems to have fixed it!

If you set the post process blend weight to zero, you might have issues if you want to use post processing elsewhere.

You can turn off auto exposure in the project settings. It’s under Engine->Rendering->default settings

of course, if you don’t plan on using post processing, then maybe it’s not an issue…