Sales statistics?


just a quick question to Epic staff: Are you guys intending to release sales statistics to the public? E.g. how often a certain asset has been sold?

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We’re still working out exactly which parts of our statistics we can / will make available to public. Out of curiosity, what are some stats you would like to see us make available publicly?

Well, for starters I would like to know how often a item has been sold. Simply to get an estimate of how good your own assets might be selling.

On the other hand things like the conversion rate might be interesting to look at. So one could adjust presentation of the item (e.g. for testing different images).

That’ll be great.

I’d like to chime in on this thread as well.

What about some kind of request area? Like if modders are looking for a particular asset. Or, could we see what is searched for most often in the market place.

Turbo Squid has a pretty nice system set up to like this; the more you sell, the more access you get to these kinds of statistics.

Here’s some more info:

I sell assets for half a year now.

What works perfectly so far:

  1. a not public panel for the seller showing
  • items sold
  • revenue gross, net
  • refunds
  • revenue paid out so far and ability to print out the invoice (for taxes :()
  1. no publicly shown numbers sold, but publicly shown number of reviews given. So for example something might sold 50 times, but got 10 reviews. So if something has 100 reviews, no exact number sold is given to public, but they still can see it’s a bestseller.

What works, but could work better:

  1. review stars, points, written reviews etc. granted by buyers.
    It works best after you cross 50 units sold - why? Because some users’ reviews are like this: “Great asset, but I don’t know how to make a game, will rate 5/5 after tutorial how to make a game - 1/5”, or “awesome rifle animations, but no ability to fly planes (!)- 2/5” (true stories). Remember, ANYONE can buy the engine and your asset, even 14 year old (also true story).

What completly doesn’t work:

  1. no ability to give discounts. There are many situations when that would be fair. Some bug or hold-up on seller’s side. Merging 5 anim packs into a mega pack with a controller (discount for people that bought all 5, but now they want a controller) etc.

We’ll provide information to sellers as part of the payment process, and long term we plan to build dashboards to provide this information to developers more regularly. I don’t know that we’ll ever release information publicly although we are working on content rating/commenting for a future release.

I’d love to have more ways developers can request marketplace items in addition to the forums. Maybe content request functionality into the marketplace UI itself would be helpful? Open to suggestions on this one!

Multiple options for exporting sales reports i.e. .CSV, .OFX, .PDF support + if you want to go one step further you could add .QBO (Quickbooks) and similar accounting/auditing software formats.

Perhaps combine with a eBay system :slight_smile:

You could also give developers the choice to display their status/level/tier both on the UE4 Marketplace and perhaps also the forums with emblems to show that you’re a content provider + an optional setting you can enable to also show your marketplace status/level/tier via icon.

A must for a rating system should include 3 to 5 sub-fields like so:

  • Asset quality [1-5 stars]
  • Presentation and/or documentation [1-5 stars]
  • Developer support responsiveness [1-5 stars]
  • Value/Price [1-5 stars]

With the combined score up top.

My vote for rating system and a place for best sellers.

Would be great to see how many items are sold in the market place and which item was selling how many units.
This will enable us to see if its worth while selling in the market place.

Yeah, would be really helpful!

i would like to see items sold, for known interest/demanding of that particular content. A can figure with a rating system but that not perfect.

The seller should also receive the contact of every person that buys his products. This will prevent the seller from giving support for those that didn’t buy the product and are using a pirated version. And it will allow the seller to give them some discounts for other products.

Yes, this is a must. At least a way to check invoice numbers is required.


I have a question for all the sellers that already have their content released on Marketplace, how do you track your sell statistic and report?

I assume Epic is still working on some tracking system like seller dashboard but how do seller get these information at this point?

Any seller that could give me a heads up are much appreciated as I am still waiting the reply from Epic.


So far I don’t have anything, no statistic or report yet. But my system only went into marketplace yesterday. :slight_smile: But I know that I have two purchases on marketplace already, because the buyers sent me an email. :slight_smile:

Is there no way to check our own sales stats?

I’d like to get into the UE4 marketplace, however, I’d love to see some statistics as well.

I’m looking at some of the content already in place and a lot of it looks great. Yet, the prices seem rather low.
If only (at this time) UE4 has, what, 20k subscribers? How much content is actually selling. That’s really not that big of a market; right?
For example, the new Medieval Tavern Inn is only selling for $40.00. It looks great and it looks like a lot of work went into developing it.
If it only sells, say 100 copies in a year (which I think would be rather good). That’s $4,000.
Then Epic gets their cut and then on top of that, taxes. So in the end, the seller ends up with $2,000?

Probably not worth the trouble for a lot of Content creators, right?

Now, if the Medieval Tavern is selling 100 copies a week, then, it’s more than likely worth making content for the Marketplace.

If anything, a ball park figure would be nice so we content creators could know how much time to spend on making assets.

Also, price control. (Sorry if this is already in place)
A content creator is going to get much further along with $4,000 in sales in a place like Poland, Cambodia, Alabama as opposed to someone living in Los Angeles, London or New York.
I understand competition in pricing, that’s just the way it is sometimes, but some Creators could easily undercut everybody and just turn most Content Creators away indefinitely.

I’m curious about this as well. I’ve never seen a marketplace that doesn’t allow the seller to view their sales stats. Is this the case with the ue4 marketplace? If so how often does epic inform you of your stats? It seems that manually doing this would take too much time given the amount of assets being sold. It already takes quite some time to hear back from them when going through the process of getting your content to the marketplace. While it’s understandable given the large amount of assets they have to go through, I can’t imagine having to do that with sales reports as well.

Hi all,

We are providing sales stats when we send payments - we just don’t have a mechanism in place yet to show you sales stats in real time or in an automated way. These reports and payments go out monthly.

We know it’s important for your forecasting to understand how your items are performing - we want to get the info to you quickly, but also make sure you get the data you need. We’ll be working closely with legal and finance teams to develop a meaningful way to present that data for sellers to make the seller information flow more effective and useful. Sorry I can’t give more specifics, but like with everything else on the Marketplace back end, it will be a gradual and steady improvement over time.