Hello everyone.

Although I’m still a relative beginner with UE4, despite having it for months. I’ve started to actually focus on one idea and see how far I can take it.

I’m currently working on a RTS, it will be very very similar to the Command & Conquer Generals (mates suggestion after he heard #2 got cancelled). Things I’ve done so far, more than once, with a question.

  1. Overhead (RTS) camera, with mouse pan, zoom and edge scrolling. No rotation as of yet, because well C&C never had it. Q; Should I have it follow the terrain?, currently it uses the character blueprint (which I really hate), but I also have a pawn version (which I cannot get to follow the terrain) and I also have a camera actor only version.

  2. Left click to select and right click location setting. Currently working on drag selecting (have principle in place).

  3. AI behave tree unit, tree checks bool status on if unit is selected and then moves to the location selected with right click.

Things to do (hopefully tonight)

  1. Finish drag selection

  2. Work out why I can’t set a default home location in the tree without the unit going crazy on first selection.

  3. Basic UI (lots of documentation to read on that)

  4. Simple building placement.

I plan on uploading pictures after work, I would like to put some videos up to but I’m not sure what the best capture software is for UE4, any suggestions?

This should help taking your project further: [Community Project] Real Time Strategy Game. NEW MODELS AVAILABLE. SEE POST #1 - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums

For capture: Camtasia has never failed me!

If you’re looking for a free software to record you can try Open Broadcasting Software :). It’s primary purpose is for live streaming, but it has the option to record locally while streaming or to only record locally. Quality is limited only by the power of your computer.

Now that I’m back from work I thought I’d throw up some photos, just of the camera for now. Thankyou for the recording suggestions. Recording some now.



Any questions, suggestions I’m happy to answer.

as you are building rts game you should check this channel- pally qle
this guy is trying to make a rts game. i am trying to make an rts game too so i follow his channel.

also for rts style camera see this- voxagon aka pattym

there is a rts community project- rts community project
i checked it they have done camera scroll, drag select, click select, resource gathering and some other stuff.

also check this thing too- rts template project, i think they will sell it in marketplace. rts blueprint template -

video capturing software-link

lastly, as you are going to make tutorials i guess you are not making a proprietary game, so please use github for project :smiley: , if you want us to participate in your project

edit: forgot rohit mohans youtube channel and blog-http://unrealpossibilities.blogspot.com
if there is any other rts tutorial guy let us know because all i can find for now are those who i mentioned.


Hey, big fan of the RTS genre,

Another way to record, if you use Nvidia, there is Shadowplay.

Also you can use Unreal’s record system,

Drop down on Matinee Icon > Add Matinee > Click your Matinee Actor > All the way to the right is the drop down for recording movies.

All the video content will go into your Project folder > Saved > VideoCaptures

e: didn’t see furiouspanda’s post with the recording software thread link

Hi all, strange I received no update on further comments.

The current status of my progress has been,

  1. AI still needs a huge amount of work, it is the best way to handle the unit movement, because you can get that ““realistic”” feeling.
  2. Box select was going brilliantly until I got hit by a compile bug and lost it all, very annoying and trickier than I would of thought to implement.
  3. I’ve tried a basic unit, with a turret, but have no experience with animation of skeletons in unreal, I have made a ai tree that actually follows the target. But again that was lost with the above.
  4. I will see If I can throw some more pictures up if I make anymore process.