RTS Toolkit

Hello Unreal community!

The RTS Toolkit is a complete RTS experience waiting for your customization! Inside are the tools to create the next great RTS! However this is not just an RTS template but also a great learning tool to help guide you through creating and using blueprints, interfaces, behavior trees, UI, and much more!

Included in this toolkit are the following features:

  • Basic RTS camera and controls
  • Traditional RTS unit selection
  • Marquee (click and drag) selection
  • 2 custom AI types with entirely separate functionality
  • 2 custom Structure types with entirely separate functionality
  • Gatherable resources
  • Resource spawning volumes with completely customizable parameters
  • AI commands including movement, gathering, and attacking driven by behavior trees
  • Sample AnimationBlueprint for use with default units
  • A robust collection of UI/HUD components for every selected unit
  • A complete currency system for both income and expenses
  • Traditional RTS Minimap system that relays cursor position to world position
  • Traditional RTS “Fog of War” system
  • A customizable game mode
  • Friendly/Hostile faction states built to allow for multiplayer functionality
  • Simple Bot AI built into Level Blueprints
  • Each function and variable is both color coded and clearly commented to help you learn how the RTS Toolkit works and can be used for your project!
  • A complete demo level to showcase every feature of this package

It was released a little over 48 hours ago and is up to 30 votes! Here is the Trello link if you think this is Marketplace-worthy:

Here is my original WIP thread started back in November:

This video demonstrates a few of the many features included in the RTS Toolkit:

Thank you so much for your time! Comments, questions, and criticisms all welcome!

Hey just curious - Will this support the Real Time Tactics Genre of RTS Games in this kit or will you just be supporting the Command and Conquer / StarCraft style of RTS Games?

Just thought I would ask :slight_smile:

That’s a good question!
To be honest I’m not familiar with RTT however it looks to be a subgenre of RTS minus some resource management and more focus on tactic (that might actually be word for word from Wiki haha).

This toolkit is designed to be a template. You create the rules, you create the gameplay, you change anything to fit your needs. 100% customizable and in varying degrees. If you want to just sub in your own models, shaders, terrain, you can do that and still keep the entirety of a working RTS! However if you want to dig deep, change core elements and create a new subgenre of RTS, you can do that, too! And of course, anything in between is possible!

As it is right now, it does play much like C&C or Starcraft. But again, everything can be customized and I’ve really worked hard to make sure it’s as easy as possible. This started off as the “RTS Template” project. I wanted it to be a template upon which anyone could make an awesome RTS!

Sounds good … you don’t mention it (or if you did I missed it) … is it networked enabled?

Definitely looks good and I have voted for it. 8-}

Thank you for your support!
Every blueprint is built around teams/factions which are assigned to incoming players. So any interaction (damage, movement, resource gathering, etc) is ready for multiple users.
I mentioned somewhere, possibly in my original thread, this supports networking but doesn’t include it. I would’ve included it but C++ is required for some networking (as well as fog-of-war in multiplayer) and unfortunately the Marketplace isn’t open to anything C++ at the moment. This is 100% blueprints from start to finish and everything (except a few animations) are native to the engine and can be recreated without downloading anything but UE4.

Absolutely fantastic stuff man. From what I remember, don’t think even the Unity marketplace has an RTS kit? Or it didnt the last time a… err… ‘friend’ used it :slight_smile:

I’m not familiar with Unity, I believe there was a community project in Unity quite a while ago. And there was also an RTS Mod for Unreal 3.
Thanks for the support, Neptune!

you got my vote

Thanks man! I appreciate the support!

One vote away from fifty votes :slight_smile:

Really would like to see Multiplayer support.

Also - How much will this cost?

Yes! It just hit 50 votes!!

To answer your second question first, the price is set at $20. I think this is a decent price but if anyone disagrees please let me know! Open to comments/suggestions as always!

I would’ve loved to add multiplayer support however there were two factors I’ve taken into consideration that have swayed my decision. The first is that I would like to become well versed in networking before working on networking features. I did pick up UE4 for the first time just two weeks before starting the RTS Toolkit with no previous experience so maybe it wouldn’t take me that long. But that would place quite a strain on my second reason. I’ve recently begun work on two very exciting projects. One is an indie game which I will be programming for and another is a new Marketplace project that myself and another UE4 subscriber have been planning. With these two new projects on top of my day job which usually consists of 16 hour shifts, networking for the RTS Toolkit has a small place in the bigger picture.
That being said, I continually update the RTS Toolkit to match current UE4 releases (it was actually finished right before 4.6 release) so at some point down the road I may include networking/multiplayer. Until then, I have made sure all interaction (attacks, movement, UI, etc) work with multiple players/factions. I stated somewhere that it supports multiplayer but doesn’t include it. :frowning:

Congrats on the 50 votes.

re: Price

I think that is a fair price. :slight_smile:

Yeah I think price is good… I am myself working on a RTS and the only thing I’m interested in is your fog of war but for this price it may still isn’t too much for me to buy it :wink:

That’s good to hear! I know Marketplace prices are all over the place right now but I think in a short time things will settle and I wanted to offer a fair price. But like I said, I’m always open to suggestions/criticism!

Up to 57 votes!

Really great job, looks AWSOME. Question, I am new to Unreal, looks like you where using the base model form Unreal and you just changed the mesh or something, how did you do that?

Thanks man! You mean that default, generic blue guy? I didn’t change him. For the worker model I used him. For the soldier model I just duplicated that model and then changed the material to a green version of that blue material. That’s all!

I want this.

any ETA when this will be released. I am really interested in this.

Even if I don’t need it at the moment, for $20 this will be an instant purchase :wink:

When is this going to be released?