RPG Sample Game

Now on the marketplace: RPG Starter Kit in Blueprints - UE Marketplace !


Website: http://cb-productions.de/rpg-starter-kit/

Hello everyone,

today I want to announce a project that and I have been working on: A RPG Starter Kit.

Just like the game examples from Epic (Shooter Game, etc.) it is built to give a good starting point for developing your own - in this case - RPG project. It comes with a Dungeon Builder Set, which allow you to build your own dungeons using a modular workflow (see screenshots below).

Completely done in Blueprint it includes a lot of the standard features you would expect from a RPG:

  • Combat system - Combat system with blocking and melee/ranged enemies
  • UI / HUD System
  • Inventory System - including looting system
  • Character Stats / Level up / XP-System
  • Class system - Including a Main Menu / Starting Screen where you can select different classes/characters

If you have any questions - dont hesitate to ask! We would love to hear any critique and/or feedback you might have.

We’re releasing a video showcasing all the features soon. For now you can have a look at the flythrough-video showcasing the assets that come with the game.

At the moment we are wrapping everything up so that we can submit it to the marketplace in the near future.

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Love the aesthetic. Nice work on the lighting too, really has a nice sense of depth and scale. I feel… there… in these screens. :slight_smile:

2 questions!
Is this first person, third person, or a combination of the 2.

Also, are there basic animations for the player that all we needed to do was replace it with our own models?

thanks, great work, and I’m looking forward to this!

I like this :smiley:

Thanks guys!

We are currently working on that video :wink:

It will be a third person game. Camera (same as combat) are designed to be functioning similiar to Dark Souls 2.

Exactly. The animations are built with the Epic standard rig. So if your model is built to use this, you can just drag your model in. If you’re using another rig, you have to use the retargeting system.

Hi, guys and gals. My name is Gavelli, I’m currently a student living in Stockholm and I’m responsible for the Dungeon Builder Set included in the RPG Sample Game.

Thanks, hope you like the video!

Thanks! Take a look at the video to see it in action!

Keep in mind that some things are going to change, maybe lots of things. I put together a short video, I’m sorry for the quality.
Music made by me.

I wonder if I can get the xp system and character selection system for my flying game? Is it possible to convert it or it’s just for third person dynamics?

It is integrated into the Character Blueprint so you won’t be able to drag and drop it into your system directly. However, with some adjustments you should be able to integrate it fairly easy into your project.

Yeah, I hope to do that! Any timeframe you have? When can we buy this package?

We’ve submitted it to the Marketplace and looking forward to seeing it on the Trello board. Sadly I don’t know how long the whole process will take.

Questions -

Will there be Local / Couch coop support?

How much will this cost?

This looks stunning and I really rather want this for my project! :stuck_out_tongue:
Like HeadClot asked, I am interested in how much this will cost.

The actual gameplay does support local coop. However there isn’t a dedicated menu for selecting the coop feature at the moment. Means you would have to implement this (and the logic to spawn additional players) by yourself.

If it is a feature that many people want I might consider implementing it after the release as an update.

We haven’t set a final price yet. But as soon as we know we will let you know :wink:

So if you have already submitted it, how about showing us a video with some functionality? :slight_smile:

The artwork looks terrific as usual!

Waiting for this :slight_smile:

Yes…This is good idea with EPIC…Thanks who made this idea. and to all Epic or Unreal Engine 4 staff more power.
I hope next UE5 or UE4++ if they make?..Any importing FBX character or material can select option and automatic attach Blueprint, Animation & AnimGraph, if they selected this: for Player Combat system or Enemy AI, Character Stats / Level up / XP-System and ETC…

Thanks :slight_smile:

I am currently working on finishing up that video :wink:

We’ve submitted it using the video already shown in this thread.


Thanks, Tobbo. :wink:

Thanks alot!

Thanks for all the kind replies. Hopefully we’ll get this sucker off the ground as soon as the features video gets sorted!

This is just the best kit ever!! I would pay 100$ and more for this. Counting the hours till release