Roughness gone after building lightmaps

Hi all

Ive just started using lightmass and im having problems with my Roughness vanishing after the maps have been built, as you can see in the before and after pics in detailed lighting mode the Roughness has gone after the build, i did change the Min Roughness on the lights to 0 and to 0.08 to see if it had just be sure it wasn’t just becoming super soft but still no Roughness,

One more thing, my lights consist of 5 point lights all set to static

any ideas ?

many thanks



Ok so i worked it out :S

I was been dumb…sigh, i had deleted my reflections sphere from the map so of course it wasn’t working.

anyway this post might be useful to anybody having a dumb moment.

thanks me

no problems keep up the good work

ok i will